Sauna stones




Gabbro-diabase - holocrystalline grained volcanic rock. Like all minerals, intended for a bath, heats up quickly and gives off heat for a long time, has high strength and can withstand high temperatures.

Due to its physical and chemical properties (high heat capacity, strength), gabbro-diabase satisfies all requirements for bath stones, being at relatively high prices, the most popular stone for sauna and bath.

Gabbro-diabase in the bulkhead to partially replace as the use of elixirs and form carbon deposits on the rocks, the stone will last 2-3 years, then the gabbro-diabase need to completely replace it.






Raspberry Quartz

Crimson quartzite a metamorphic rock composed of small, tightly fused quartz grains, which is merging together one solid compact mass with conchoidal or splintery fracture.

In mineral composition crimson quartzite almost pure quartz (98%). High resistance to thermal conditions gives special advantages to using stone ovens for sauna and bath.

By healing properties crimson quartzite include alignment of blood pressure ailments caused by the elimination of the change of weather, reducing back pain, etc.

Effect of light is achieved by a pair of high density and low thermal conductivity of rock, in the aggregate, it provides excellent heat transfer for a long time. Crimson quartzite is very durable and strong. Resistant to external influences.






Talc-chlorite Dike

Talc-chlorite - minerals formed from soft rock, in which talc and magnesite are connected in such a way that the talc flakes grew into magnesite, forming a single flat gray mass.

By a smooth surface talc-chlorite kept many exceptional features that make it the best stove material: it is perfectly possible with the heat and accumulates heat, giving the soft steam.

Heat from the talc-chlorite increases the body's immunity to various infectious diseases, reduces krovyannoe pressure, beneficial effects on the respiratory system, improves metabolism and stabilizes blood circulation.

Chemical resistance of stone is extremely high. It is not exposed even strong acids can eat away at the surface only a very strong alkali.