The main element in any room and saunas - is, of course, the furnace stove. The company "Novaslav" offers a wide range of draw-heavy stoves stoves for saunas and baths, distinctive features, which are rapidly heated steam, high efficiency, ease of use, as well as reliability and durability.
Canadian heating furnaces, known in Canada and the U.S. as free flow (free flow), it is very convenient and practical. Using "Canadian furnaces" - is a simple and effective solution when choosing alternative heating is not dependent on electricity and heating tsetralizirovanogo.
Heating stoves Offered by "Novaslav" is a versatile and reliable designs that are designed for quick and temporary heating small living room and kitchen.
Thanks to the portable sauna "port", you will not only enrich their leisure time, but and bring health care to your family and friends.
In a wide range of products manufactured by the company "Novaslav" there are a number of metal accessories for saunas and baths, as well as "Canadian furnaces."