Mobile sauna

Do you want to surprise and please your wife and children with a sauna on a summer residence?

Diversify the country rest on a summer residence and the nature. Take the fun with you!

Thanks to the portable sauna "Porta", you will not only enrich your family vacation on a summer  but also present to care about the health of your family and friends.


Completing mobile saunas can also be used independently for other purposes:

  • wood  burning stove to heat small living temporarily and utility rooms (tents, cottages, garages and greenhouses).
  • tent and mattress for their intended purpose.

The complete portable sauna "Porta" includes: stove, set of chimneys, a tent and an air mattress.


The oven is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, ensuring a long service life. Tent sauna has excellent insulating, windproof and water-resistant properties. The top of the tent is made of fire resistant fabrics, tent frame is made of high-strength aluminum tubes with a protective coating.